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 David Owen  Queensland, Australia
1961 (Sep) E-Type  Alan Firmin  England
1961 (Nov) E-Type  Fred McDonald  USA
1962 (Nov) E-Type  Eldon Olson  Minnesota, USA
1962 (Dec)  E-Type  Ian Richardson  Queensland, Australia
1965 E-Type  Dudley Smolen  California  USA
1968 E-Type  Simon Green  England
1968 E-Type  Daisy Tatum  Oxnard, California
1969 E-Type  Thomas Lanahan   Ft Lauderdale,  USA
1972 E-Type  Geoff Jones  England
1972 E-Type  Gary Jenkins   Ohio, USA
1973 E-Type  Brian Johnson  England
1972 E-Type  Alan Hames  England
1975 E-Type  Heiko Heimer   England
1969 E-Type  Robert Herman  Pensacola, Florida, USA
One Family Owned Cars
 1964  E-Type  Marco Makaus  Italy 
1967 E_Type  1E13902  Atlanta, USA
One Owner Cars recently ADVERTISED or SOLD
1964  E-Type  JD Classics  UK
1967 E-Type  eBay Sale  Florida, USA
1965 E-Type  Internet Advert  Melbourne, Australia
1928 RR  A Record to aim for  Springfield, USA
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1951 XK120 Roadster

Original and current owner - David Owen.  Sunshine Coast, Queensland

He also owns two E-Types that he has had since new, a 1965 Series 1 4.2 FHC ( only traveled 9500 miles and is in immaculate original  condition) and a 1973 Series III V12 Roadster . 

For more details see The Jaguar Magazine, Edition 100, Page 73  Click here for details



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1961 E-Type OTS, Chassis No. 850061

Alan Firmin,  England



Delivered 1 September, 1961

Acknowledgment:  Photos and story Jaguar World Monthly  February 2003 Page 48

1961 E-Type  ,  Chassis No. 875717

Fred McDonald  USA


Fred writes:  As far as background goes, there just is not anything dramatic. Never had any significant body damage. It was my only car for the first 10 or 15 years, so it did everything. Have had the usual maintenance issues over the years, nothing special. After about 130K miles, the engine was tired and replaced with a 4.2 and all synchro transmission. I am currently rebuilding the original 3.8 and plan to install it along with a 5-speed. I still have the original moss box, but I can not see using that thing again.

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1962  E-Type FHC, Chassis No. 886023

 Eldon Olson    Minnesota, USA

Purchased new on 10 Nov 62.  Eldon has done all his own maintenance and repairs.  The car has a large number of  modifications and improvements ( such as Weber carbs) that that have carried out during the past 40 years. 


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1962 Series I  E-Type FHC. Chassis No. 860876

Ian Richardson.   Esk, Queensland


FIJI 1963. Shortly after taking delivery on 7th December, 1962

AUSTRALIA 2001. E-Type 40th Anniversary publicity photo, Courier Mail 21st July, 2001

The car still looks as good as it did in 1962, it's only the owner that shows the effects of time.

Click  here for full details

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1968  Series 1.5  E-Type FHC. Chassis No. IE 21709

Simon Green, England

Founder Mota-Lita Steering Wheels

Series 1.5  Open headlights removed and replaced with Series 1 covered units

Acknowledgment:  Photos and story Classic Jaguar World. Volume 13 No 4. May 2001 Page 26

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1968 Series 1.5 E-Type 2+2

Daisy Tatum, Oxnard, California

Daisy Tatum provides another interesting story. She fell in love with an E-type the first time she saw one, when she was 15 years old. She is a local from nearby Oxnard and she vowed on the spot that she would never buy a car until she could purchase a Jaguar. After high school, she earned a teaching degree from the University of Arkansas. She walked to work and took her lunch to save money and after her first year on the job, she returned home and bought a new brown 1968 S11/2 2+2 FHC from the local dealer, who incidentally was the mayor at the time. She had a few stories to tell about owning one of the very few E-types in Arkansas at the time, including a security system for the car in the form of a German Shepherd named Thunder. She progressed through the education system and was Principal of the local high school in Oxnard when she retired. She still owns her original E-type and has it here at the show. She also rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle for enjoyment.

Source: The mcnabb report, p10 the e-type November 2008. Monthly magazine of the e-type club

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1975  Series 111  E-Type OTS. Chassis No. 1S 2103

Heiko Heimer, England


Heiko is currently compiling a world register of one-owner XK's and E-Type's. 

If you are able to contribute contact him by email



The car in Woking parked beside the 2000 McLaren -which was taken
during the Woking Classic car show.

More details at Classic Jaguar World January 2002, Vol 13  No 12.   Page 62

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1972  Series 111  E-Type OTS.

Alan Hames, England



In brief my car was purchased new in October 1972 and 38 years later it is in my purpose built garage. The top picture of AVV 1 was taken at the Goodwood Festival of Speed some years ago, when I managed to take the award as Car of the Show in the Concours.

As you will gather I am one of those Concours “nuts” who has spent a lifetime on looking after and improving the car. This was reflected at Jaguar Cars in Coventry some years ago when Sir John Egan was the MD and when I took the factory award for the best presented E Type his comment was, “well done but I have to say that we never made them to this standard off the production line”.

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1972  Series 111  E-Type OTS.

Geoff Jones, England


Extracts from letter in the E-Type Club MagazineIssue #6,  June 2005 

"In November 1972, I contacted Guy Salmon Motors of Thames Ditton regarding the possible purchase of a Jensen-Healey (some would say not the most inspired idea to have), but they were unable to supply one within my timescale. However, the salesman offered me a V12 roadster which, although somewhat difficult to come by off the shelf at that time, was a cancelled order only that morning ...or so the sales pitch went!

"It thus became my everyday transport, covering 100.000 miles without any problems apart from having to change the rotor arm due to it tracking out (a commonly encountered fault as I understand). Other than that, it never had a spanner on it.

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1972  Series 111  E-Type OTS.

Gary Jenkins, Ohio, USA

Gary and Peggy Sue Jenkins

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1965  Series 1  E-Type OTS.

Dudley Smolen. Mill Valley California  USA

This is a special factory car built to the owners specification.  The paint is Opalescent Dark Green, Black interior and black 72 spoke racing wheels. Other items include, ported polished engine, special crank, racing suspension and brakes, with brake ducts and cooling items, close ratio gear box and a few more items.

This car has been raced SCCA and is now back in street trim.

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1973  Series 3  E-Type  OTS

Brian Johnson   England

Brian had a driven a series cars such as MG Triumph TR, Healey, Aston Martin, 4.2 E-Type. He purchased this new Series 3 E-Type in 1973.

Although used regularly in it early ownership it now has a restful life and by 2010 had only travelled 10,000 miles.

More details at Jaguar World -  January 2010,    Page 34

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1969 Series 2 E-Type FHC. Chassis No 1R26340

Thomas Lanahan       Ft Lauderdale, Florida

Silver / Burgundy Interior. 

Vehicle purchased October 3, 1969 from Rodney Roonier of Scarsdale, NY

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1968 E-Type FHC   Chassis # 1R 25429, engine # 7R 2609-9.

Robert Herman   Pensacola, Florida, USA


Robert writes:  I bought it on Jan 25, 1969 from Grand Prix Motors in Jacksonville, Florida.  It is pretty much in original condition, although I changed the rear end from a 3:54 to a 3:07.  I had the engine rebuilt once because it was burning a lot of oil.  Had it repainted 1997, pale primrose.  It's running good right now.  Had to replace ignition parts and re-do carbs a year ago after it had sat up for awhile.



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1965 4.2 OTS.    1E10548

Marco Makaus.  Italy


Marco writes:  Incredibly this car remained unsold with the Italian importer for over one year. I first saw it in 1966, when I was seven and it was owned by the father of one of my school mates. Can you believe I said to myself "One day..."? 

To cut a long story short, fifteen years later, in 1981, I married my mate's sister, and guess what was my father-in-law's present?   Today, I've had it for longer than he, and what a wonderful affair it has been, and still is.

So, strictly speaking, a one family owned E Type. Incidentally I believe it could be the most original E Type in Italy.

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Gordon Allen ordered his 'Series 1' 4.2-litre E-type in November 1964, and at about the same time he also ordered a 4.2 Mk X - the E-type would be driven for pure pleasure, the Mk X for business. 

Now it would be wonderful to be writing today about Gordon's many fantastic trips to the South of France in the E, but the bottom line is he just didn't get a chance to fulfill his original intention of simply having fun in the car. Instead, the Mk X was constantly pressed into action and although Gordon always wanted to get more use from the E-type, circumstances prevented it.  

Recently, Gordon had a tough decision to make but, being a pragmatic soul and accepting that sliding in and out of an E-type could be taxing for an octogenarian, he decided to restrict his driving, in his words: "to a more sedate saloon." So the 7000 mile E-type was sold to JD Classics who have advertised for sale in September 2005.

Source:  Picture - Classic & Sports Car September 2005, p69    Edited Text -Jaguar World Monthly. October 2005 p68.

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Sold on March 2008 for $50.000 US


Mileage: 53,753 miles

Location: West Palm beach


As described on eBay

ORIGINAL OWNER!!!!! Thats right, original owner! here is one of those few opportunities to purchase a classic car from its original owner. This 1967 E-Type was purchased on 7/21/67 from North County Motors Ltd. in Great Neck New York. It has spent its entire life as a garage kept automobile, the mileage is original at 53,753! I also have kept a service file for all maintenance for the past 40 years! I can tell you apart from being painted years ago, the car is unmolested in its originality. The pictures are recent and as you can see for a forty year old the car shows very well, remember this is not a restored vehicle it is a magnificent forty year old original owner Jag with normal wear over time. Now, I could fill space here with quotes from articles written about the history of the E Type and how the 1967 E Type is one of the most desirable to own. But, I'm sure you've already done your homework. The car is available for inspection in Florida and feel free to ask any questions.

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From Father to Son

As listed on


My Father aquired this car new in 67. It was given to me in its present state and in need of TLC. 45 K miles some damage history, but will be worth the time and money to me to pass it along to my 3 year old son one day.
I've been in love with this car since I was 5. Just a jag nut since I knew what one was, 5 or 6. Used to sit in this seat and run through cramming the gears making that same reving noise we do know as adults.


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As Advertised on  November 2008



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Can anyone beat this record

Might not be a Jaguar..  But Wow

Allen Swift of  Springfield,  MA, received this 1928 Rolls-Royce Piccadilly P1 Roadster from his father, brand new, as a graduation gift in 1928. He drove it up until his death at age 102. He was the oldest living owner of a car from new (82 Years).  He donated it to a  Springfield museum after his death. It has 170,000 miles on it, still runs like a Swiss watch, dead silent at any speed and is in perfect cosmetic condition.



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