1954 Austin Healey BN1




1954 Austin Healey 100/4 BN1  Chassis No 160987.  Purchase September, 2003.

Partially restored when purchased. Since then new wiring harness, some mechanical tidy up, rust repaired in floor and boot, brakes refurbished, bumpers re-chromed..... Seats and hood OK but still to replace carpets and interior upholstery.

More to follow

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My first Car, a red BN2.  The only photos I have of this car. Owned 1958-1961 then sold to purchase new Jaguar E-Type in 1962 The BN1 arrives from Sydney. September 2003 Where to start? Cleaning the floor area
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Boot Area Off to town to have rust repaired Brake refurbish Coming together Engine bay
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Road Registered.  March 2004
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Resting with good company

1st day out. :    09-May-04

McLeans Bridge Sports car display day 

Healey Sand and Gravel Transport Service



BN1 Electrical Circuit

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